Monday, March 21, 2011

'Protestants and sheep'


© James Dyas Davidson “They call it the ‘Metropolean o’ the Waterside’. What they meant was that it was Glen Gairn’s metropolis; where they said ‘fowk had a’thing amang themselves’. This was Ardoch, one of the biggest clachans on Gairnside, whose fourteen fire-houses (houses with chimneys) lay on the lower slopes of Mammie Hill, looking down to where the River Gairn sweeps towards the River Dee.” The Land of the Lost by Robert Smith.
The folk of Ardoch belonged to a self contained community and they seemed to be happy with their lot. That is until the early years of the 19th century when Roman Catholics were evicted in favour of Protestants and sheep.
It is in front of this houes, Ardoch, that the remains of the old community of Ardoch or Ardachie can be seen.
Why this house was abandoned, I'm not sure. It was probably less to do with religious persecution and more to do with economic downturns, change of land use from crofting/farming to sheep, deer and grouse enterprises, as well as technological and chemical advances in farming.

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