Saturday, March 19, 2011

Paesaggio al Tramonto

Paesaggio al Tramonto by TheFella
Paesaggio al Tramonto a photo by TheFella on Flickr.


The coastline around Napoli is fantastic. I'd spent the day driving around (well, being driven around, thanks Sara) looking for the best place to capture the sunset. We eventually went back to a part we'd been to previously that day, after crisscrossing the city all afternoon. I'd taken a good hundred or so photos of the sunset and was walking back to the car when I turned around and saw this tree on the cliff silhouetted against the almost completely set sun. For some reason the scene reminds me of Africa, not Italy. Perhaps it's the shape of the tree? What do you think?

(Thanks to Marco for providing the title of this photo)


Thank you for sharing this beautiful image with the group. Well done!

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