Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Ospedale delle bambole

Ospedale delle bambole by PeterJ©
Ospedale delle bambole, a photo by PeterJ© on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
This window full of heads, arms and legs of antique dolls can not attract the attention of those who walk through Via di Ripetta. The name of this charming shop is “Artistic Restoration Squatriti: dolls hospital.” If you walk through the door, time seems to have stopped here: toy soldiers, dolls and ancient puppets are here to welcome you. The Squatriti family has Neapolitan origins and transmit the art of restoration from generation to generation. In little more than 15 square meters the two owners take care of their little patients tirelessly, the dolls are made of wood or cardboard, often late nineteenth century, family heirlooms or collectibles whose buyers come from all over the world. Like any good doctor, when the little patient is ‘cured’ is returned to the owner with a notebook indicating diagnostic repairs incurred and advice on how to treat it.

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