Saturday, November 02, 2013

What a Perfect Day

What a Perfect Day by lowcountryboil
What a Perfect Day, a photo by lowcountryboil on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
Drink sangria in the park
Later when it's dark
We go home.

Just before I left for Abiqua Falls this morning, I learned that Lou Reed died. I've always been a casual fan -- I love some of his work, and other stuff isn't my thing. However, I have a tremendous respect for his role in music history, and I know that a ton of the music I love was directly influenced by Lou Reed and VU.

After I had a perfect first trip to Abiqua, I followed that with a mildly disastrous trip to Upper Butte Creek Falls. As I was taking a 15-second image, my PoS tripod fell over -- one of the legs telescoped closed just as I turned my back. My camera ends up in the water, I lost my lens cap in the panic, and my ND filter for my wide-angle lens is destroyed. Fortunately, the camera is fine, but I don't know if the lens is unscathed. It looks fine, but the filter won't come off. What a perfect day.

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