Wednesday, October 30, 2013

October's Origami Balloon Fest in Toy-ronto's Valleys

Via Flickr:
Continuing my Little Planets theme in frames of Toy-ronto Life series...

Happy World Origami Days! :-)

More origami ballooning fun as our Origami balloon fleet arrived from Albuquerque to Toy-ronto's dales & valleys just in time for the October fest of autumnal colours!

Had cast my planetary magic here as well origami magic with the cheerful ride of our origami hot air balloons! :-)

More of toy-some Toy-ronto fun is coming - stay tuned! / Bientot a l'ecran!

A note for origami enthusiasts: The diagrams of all these origami hot air balloons are published in our eBook ORILAND BALLOON RIDE
Happy folding! :-)

* * *
World Origami Days are held each year from October 24–November 11, it's a 2-1/2 week celebration of the international community of origami.
So I'm spreading the fold! :-) Join the folding fun - try your hands in origami at our on-line Oriland Origami Studio too or learn origami basics at our Oriversity - it's free. Happy folding!

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Happy Textured Tuesday! at: The World Through My Eyes

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