Thursday, May 31, 2012

Please... It's Cold Out Here...

Via Flickr:
FINALLY an image I'm happy with. I've been a bit disappointed with my photography lately so I'm glad to finally have something I can give a thumbs up to.

This photo is for a 52-week project I'm doing. The theme was Cold. It was "interesting" to make - I took well over 100 photos in the end. It was very hard to get the composition right, given I didn't have a helper. I ended up drawing a little dot on the window so I knew where to put my hand.

The "ice" is from my freezer (lol I need to defrost that sucker sometime). The white background is exactly how it looked in camera. In fact the whole photo is pretty much straight from camera. My balcony is rather dark so it blew out the background which saved me having to do it in photoshop.

And now my beanie is all wet :(

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