Friday, December 02, 2011

Hey, look at me! I've got a home! :D

A D O P T E D.

After dreaming of this my entire life, and volunteering with various shelters wishing I could take every animal home, I've did done it, and this doggy now has a home.

I NEVER planned on adopting a puppy. I was looking for a slightly older dog, but I had some pretty horrible experiences with other shelters and rescue groups. This organization really stood out. They move dogs faster than any other I've encountered (and are now sponsored by Petco as a result of their great efforts!), are responsive, and put their hearts and souls into placing these guys into good homes.

He and his littermates were pulled from animal control in Kentucky along with their mom (yet another thing I love about this org -- they don't leave the mom to die). They were on the list for euthanasia immediately after being dumped by their owner, but thankfully they were all saved. He has been such a champ so far! He's on some meds for the various shelter ailments, and he happily takes them, even sucking the medicine dropper dry! As far as potty training goes, I'm in awe. If he could hold it, I swear he would be fully-trained already. He has not made one mess (and LOVES the natural peanut butter treats he gets as a reward for going outside, haha).

It's been a sleepless weekend -- I feel like I've just given birth to a child! -- but he's so insanely grateful.

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