Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Leave only the footprints behind

Via Flickr:
If you want to see only the footprints are left behind in a natural preserve area the best time to see would be when there is snow on the ground :) Now how about you couple that with some great light. I am a total sucker for the first light of the day when the sun just peeks over the horizon. The transition between the bluehour and the golden hour is an absolute beauty which sometimes we cannot see with our own eyes but if exposed properly the camera can take some wonderful pictures. This is shot from a single RAW file. I increased the clarity in Lightroom and then exposrted in Photoshop to remove some noise in the sky, duplicated the layer and changed to Overlay to get some rich tones on the sky. Then used High pass filter to sharpen the footprints to increase the texture.

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