Sunday, November 25, 2012

Sphere of Gaia - The future of the Earth lies in our hands -

Via Flickr:
That's the message I want to get across through this image.

I currently enjoy coming up with new ideas of photographing objects around my home. I have a glass ball that I wanted to try making some cool images for a while so here it is... I put the earth inside and in my hand!

The effect of the earth in the sphere was done out of camera and not with Photoshop layering. I used a portable flash to light the set. It's challenging to balance the ambient light which is the image of the Earth and the luminosity of hand and crystal ball, lighted by a portable flash.

Sony A99 + Sony 50mm f2.8 SAL50M28 macro lens + Sony HVL-F60AM flash bounced against a ceiling.

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