Sunday, November 11, 2012

Mrs. Wood Duck on Reflected Sugar Maples

Via Flickr:
Another road edit - here is the mate of the drake in the previous image. When I set up to shoot, I chose my spot hoping to get shots of the ducks passing through the reflection of a particularly vivid red maple at it's peak colour. While the drake didn't cooperate and swim through my targeted reflection, I did get some great shots of the female.

I wish I had also taken some video - this duck actually moved through a virtual rainbow - I have what looks like the exact same shot of the bird in a series of subsequent frames with almost nothing but the background changing from vivid yellow to orange to red to green as she paddled through the different reflected foliage - perhaps I can make an animated gif with all the frames....

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FancyHorse said...

Excellent shot! Love the colors! I looked at a few in your Flickrstream, you have such a gorgeous variety of ducks!