Wednesday, September 06, 2006


Originally uploaded by The Albanian.

Did you ever have a very rough day? Every where you look someone is there to find fault? Everything you touch just falls apart?
All you want to do is go home and hide under the covers and hope tomorrow is a better day...But instead, you go home
and turn flickr on and you start looking at some photos that other
folks were kind enough to share and you just happen to see one with the title smile...Then you look at the photo and you see such a smile that lights up her face that comes from inside out....pretty soon the stress just starts fading away as you find yourself smiling with her and you notice the more you smile the more that others around you start smiling too...Smiling is contagious..Won`t you, try it today..Come on smile!!!

Thank you Merkur , The Albanian, for sharing this and making us smile...

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